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Successful America Recycles Day Event

Successful America Recycles Day Event

Dec 20, 2013

BBVA Compass Stadium, an AEG Facilities venue, and the Houston Dynamo hosted a successful electronic recycling (e-cycling) and regular recycling event as part of the national America Recycles Day initiative on Saturday, November 9th.  The event, sponsored by TechnoCycle, collected over 3,700 lbs. of electronic recycling along with 7.21 tons of regular recycling, which includes paper, plastics, aluminum and more, across the month of November. 

America Recycles Day was presented by BBVA Compass Stadium, Houston Dynamo, AEG1Earth, TechnoCycle and Keep Houston Beautiful.

Large electronic items collected during the e-cycling portion of the event yielded 55 television sets, 24 computers and 10 printers along with a variety of audio/video devices, toner cartridges, DVDs, CDs and video games.  The inaugural America Recycles Day event at BBVA Compass Stadium was held to create awareness within the community for the national America Recycles Day program, which was observed on November 15th.

America Recycles Day takes place nationally each year in November and has become a month-long celebration dedicated to encouraging Americans to recycle and purchase recycled products.  Since 2010, AEG venues have hosted various recycling events to celebrate America Recycles Day.  Venues have placed a special emphasis on e-waste to help educate patrons on the importance of e-waste recycling to ensure no electronics are sent to landfills.  In 2012, 22 AEG venues hosted recycling events which resulted in five public e-waste collection events and the collection of over six tons of recycled materials as well as education and outreach to over 500,000 people.   Through programs like America Recycles Day, BBVA Compass Stadium aims to educate patrons and engage partners in on-going community sustainability initiatives.


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